Luonnonvärjäreiden oma yhdistys

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Yhdistys, erivärisiä lankoja kierretty pahvinpalasten ympärille.

The Finnish Dyers’ Guild

The Finnish Dyers’ Guild, Värjärikilta ry, is a voluntary organisation of Finnish natural dyers. The guild was established in 2001.

The aims of the guild

  • to make the natural dyes more known in Finland
  • to support and develop the work in the field of natural dyes via activities
  • to keep the natural dyeing tradition alive
Yhdistys, kasveja kankaan päällä.
Yhdistys: jäsenlehden kansia.


The main activities of the guild are the organisation of the annual natural ”Dyers’ days”, the organisation of exhibitions related to natural dyes, and publishing a magazine for the guild members.


The first national dyers’ days – or originally a dyers’ week – was organised in July 2002 in Iitti. After that the dyers’ days have been organised every summer in various parts of Finland.

Yhdistysnaisen seisoo katoksen alla lankavyyhtien kanssa.
Höyryävän kattilan kannen alta pilkistää keppejä.


The main event of the guild is the annual ”Dyers’ days”, Värjäripäivät, which is a four-day-event held somewhere in Finland in July.


The registration for the Dayers’ days will start on June. Please note, that you can only register to one course per day.

The amount of participants is limited in all courses.

Yhdistys: parsittuja villasukkia.